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Vini spumante  fill  1400x600


Die Spumanti (spuma = Schaum) verdanken ihren Namen dem Schaum, der sich bildet, wenn die Flasche geöffnet wird, also wenn sich der Druck verringert und dadurch ein Teil des im Wein enthaltenen Gases plötzlich freigesetzt werden kann. Um diesen charakteristischen Schaum zu erhalten, ist ein komplexes Verfahren erforderlich. Die zum Perlen des Weines erforderliche Kohlensäure entsteht nach der Weinherstellung durch eine zweite alkoholische Gärung, die sogenannte „Sektgärung“, die in kontrollierter Umgebung unter Zugabe von Zucker erfolgt. Die Methoden zur Herstellung sind im Wesentlichen zwei: die klassische Methode „Champenois“, bei der die Gärung in der Flasche erfolgt, und die Methode „Charmant“ in verschlossenen Tanks.


Das Weingut Montenisa liegt im Herzen des Franciacorta-Gebiets um das alte Dorf Calino. In dieser Region großer Weine wird die Rebe seit jeher kultiviert. Es heißt, dass “Franciacorta” auf “Petite France” zurückgeht, den liebevollen Namen, den Karl der Große diesem Landstrich gab.

Webseite: www.tenutamontenisa.it



The Aneri was created through the expertise of Giancarlo Aneri, considered by most as  "the prince of marketing." His career path can be well compared to a University Case History. 
The Aneri philosophy is to produce only premium quality wines in limited quantities, which respect the tradition of the land, the vines and the good living. If you believe in your product, it will be easier to propose it around the world. Like other manufactured Italian products, clients recognize and identify a genuine brand, when this happens, success shortly follows.

Webseite: www.aneri.it​

  • Weinangebot aus dem Air Dolomiti Weinkeller an Bord: Rose’ Reny Doc​

To create the purest incarnation of Prosecco Superiore: this is the dream behind the Bisol1542 range of wines. And behind the dream? The steep hills of Valdobbiadene, Unesco World Heritage since July 2019. Five centuries of history and 21 generations of a family and its love for the land and the wine that it yields. In each bottle of Bisol1543 Prosecco Superiore, the traditions of a family that has tended its vines in the Valdobbiadene area since 1542 are combined with the history of a landscape whose generosity is only matched by the difficulty of cultivating its steep, rocky hills. Each Bisol1542 Prosecco Superiore has its own, unique identity which varies depending on the nature of the specific terroirs in which the grapes are grown. After all, the Glera grape, from which this type of wine is made, is particularly sensitive to variations in the soil and microclimate.

Webseite: www.bisol.it/bisol

  • Weinangebot aus dem Air Dolomiti Weinkeller an Bord: RIVE DI CAMPEA


Tommasi is a family viticultural company founded in 1902. The estate is run by the 4th generation of the family, nine members working together in complete harmony, each with his well-defined area of responsibility. It is situated in Pedemonte, in the heart of Valpolicella Classico region, a small piece of land in the North – West of Verona, between the plains and Lessini Mountains and near Garda Lake.
From grandfather Giacomo’s tiny vineyard, the Tommasi estate has grown steadily over the course of years and today owns vineyards and estates in five different Italian regions:
Tommasi Viticoltori and Filodora Estate in Veneto;
Tenuta Caseo in Oltrepò Pavese in Lombardy;
Casisano in Montalcino and Poggio al Tufo in Maremma Tuscany;
Masseria Surani in Manduria, Puglia;
Paternoster in Barile, Basilicata.
Tommasi in not only Wine but also Hospitality. The family has always aimed at pairing the wine world with the experience of the territory and welcoming people as if they were at home.

Webseite: www.tommasiwine.it